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WTC North Tower comparisons of wall damage.

(Firemans video)
(Photoshop Overlays)

First, some enlargements

Overlay of 3 frames from the "firemans video" of the first Tower strike.
There are 3 frames here, so 2 planes should be present, and 1 frame of the explosion.
Though it is hard to make out becuse of the low resolution.

Two frame overlay
2 planes, 1 in the air, and 1 hiting the tower.

A different 2 frame overlay
2 planes, 1 in the air, and 1 hiting the tower.

Another 2 frame overlay from the webfairy's "first hit detail" video.
I used Photoshop to lineup the images with 50% transparency.

A similar 2 frame overlay as above.
north tower photos

2 frame overlay one from the fireman's video, the other from the Webfairy's "first hit detail" video.
(which is a recreation of the same vid)

Background pic is a frame from the Webfairy's "first hit detail" video,
the pic which is superimposed is 5543.jpg from hereisnewyork.org
I had to transform, or curve the image for it to fit properly, but as you can see the lines of the tower match up, and the object on the top right corner matches as well.
(Though the damage does not??? )

9/11 wtc tower

It is possible that the aspect ratio is the problem with the video and the height at which the damage is seen, but the imprint on the wall of the tower still does not match.

Showing how I did it.
I had to resize and rotate the images for them to fit properly

9/11 tower 9/11 wtc towers

A couple of pics provided by Marcus...

Finally, this seems to be a person standing in the hole of the WTC tower.
This makes one wonder, if this part of the structure was cool enough for him to survive, how could the fires have melted steel, accounting for the molten steel pools found in the basement of the WTC's?

9/11 survivor tower

If you look closely at the video, it seems the fireman talk in "real time" while te explosion when the plane hits, goes in "slo-motion". I looks fake and sounds fake, the audio doesnt seem to match the video.
This video has been manipulated, WHY ?

Places to download the first plane hit ( different versions)


framed out for easy veiwing by the Webfairy...

Flash of first hit

Brads 911 index of sites...

More here...
Up to date news on independent investigations into 911

Nico's 911 Blogspot

other first hit sites...

Closeup pics to the wall damage of the WTC's from different angles.
( does not support netscape )

Other photos of the wall and damage...

with help from Marcus !


A comparison of the wall damage of the WTC to the actual size of the planes in question.
Pictures and analysis